Open Book Library
Open Book Library at Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, nestled in a street between the Royal Palace and Norodom Boulevard, a library—open to all—invites you to enter into a small world decorated with multicultural books.

In a country like Cambodia, which was deprived of books for so long, its goal is to share the pleasure of reading.

The founder has imagined this space as an “Open Book,” where reading is a synonym of pleasure, and where children can feel secure and comfortable.

Open 7 days a week since 2002, Open Book received the status of local NGO in 2004.

Its many activities, including storytelling and drawings, are directed by volunteers from around the world working with a team of young Cambodians.

Open Book also has the goal of publishing quality books, mainly for children, in Cambodia.

Selling these books around the world and in Cambodia helps the NGO become financially sustainable.

Welcome to all, and happy reading!

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